Solving Remote / Agriculture and Farming

Optimised video and audio communications over the whole farm.

We offer remote solutions that can get farms connected, where farmers spend most of their time – Out in the fields

The challenges of the climate, health of livestock, and storage of crops have been always been a there for the farmer. However, across the farming sector digital transformation is ensuring a greater understanding of local climate, healthier livestock, and process optimisation.

At Harvest our remote solutions ensure that we are able to provide the connectivity needed for sector wide digital transformation; even in the remotest areas of the globe.

With complete situational awareness from single or multiple command centres, allowing you to operate remotely in safety and with accuracy. Harvest’s Nodestream™ decoders allow for secure, low bandwidth distribution of video feeds point-to-point from the remote site to your command centre anywhere in the world via satellite and/or terrestrial networks regardless of congestion. 

  • Multiple video streams with Sensor Data

  • AI automated alerts

  • Point-to-point 1080p

  • 60fps real-time video with synchronised serial data

  • Transfer rates down to 32kbps

  • Military-grade security with 384-bit encryption

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