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Empowering Marine Research: Bridging Onshore Teams and Remote Operations for Enhanced Collaboration and Instantaneous Decision-Making.

Incorporate Harvest’s advanced remote operations system, Nodestream™, into research vessels to facilitate direct links between remote sites and onshore teams.

A remote operations solution acts as a force multiplier for research vessels

Leveraging live video, audio and data streaming, the system facilitates audio communication, transfer of real time low latency video and up to ten concurrent data streams.This integration removes the barriers between teams empowering stakeholders to engage in dynamic interaction and in-depth learning with off-site experts, fostering real-time collaboration, instantaneous education, and decision-making.

Having a real-time remote system can significantly enhance the capabilities and efficiency of research vessels. Here’s how remote enablement would be beneficial:

Real-Time Data Transfer

Process and transfer data in real-time, allowing remote stakeholders to make informed decisions quickly based on the latest information.

Remote Control

Act as a bridge between offshore systems and onshore teams facilitating control of robotics or other systems.

Expert Collaboration

Specialists and Scientists who cannot be present on the vessel can provide their expertise remotely. This allows for a wider range of expertise to be applied to any given situation or study.

Enhanced Communication

Serve as a communication hub, facilitating better coordination between the vessel crew, shore-based teams, and other stakeholders.

Operational Support

Monitor vessel systems and operations, providing logistical support, navigation assistance, and emergency services if needed.

Resource Optimisation

By overseeing multiple vessels, Nodestream™ can optimise workflows, allowing one team to review and process information from multiple sites concurrently.

Extended Reach

Operations in remote or extreme environments, such as polar regions, can be supported from a distance, reducing risk and cost.

Education and Outreach

Data and findings can be shared in real-time with academic institutions or the public, fostering a broader engagement with marine research.

Technical Support

Remote troubleshooting and guidance on equipment use can help resolve technical issues without needing in-person technician visits.

Safety Monitoring

Constant monitoring of the vessel’s position and status can provide an additional safety layer, preventing unwanted scenarios before they arise or ensuring prompt response in case of an emergency.

Cost Efficiency

Remote operations can reduce the need for a large crew onboard, which can lower the operational costs and logistical complexity.

Remote Learning Opportunities

Nodestream™ can facilitate distance learning programs, allowing students to virtually participate in research expeditions. This would enable live interaction with the vessel’s crew, real-time observation of research activities, and access to data as it’s collected. Students can benefit from lectures, seminars, and workshops conducted by experts on board the vessel or from the remote centre, providing an immersive educational experience without being physically present on the ship. 

This can be particularly valuable for educational institutions that may not have the resources to send students on actual sea voyages, or for those students that are physically unable to go on vessels.

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