Revolutionising Remote Video Monitoring for Bandwidth-Limited Environments


Network Agnostic


Bowser Based


16 Streams per device


Adjustable Bandwidth


User friendly interface


Camera Control

The ultimate solution for monitoring and situational awareness

What Is Nodestream™ Live?

Nodestream™ Live is a cutting-edge cloud-based software designed to streamline and enhance remote video monitoring in bandwidth-constrained environments. This revolutionary platform enables you to aggregate video feeds from various sites and devices into a single, easy-to-manage system. It supports streaming up to 16 channels of video per encoding device from as low as 500kbps, ensuring unparalleled situational awareness even where network availability is limited.

Nodestream™ Live Benefits

  • Affordable Monitoring and Situational Awareness Solution: Implement a cost-effective system to maintain comprehensive monitoring and situational awareness, ensuring you stay informed about all critical aspects of your operations without breaking the bank.
  • Rapid Response and Contingency Management: Enable swift responses to emergencies and critical events, minimising operational disruptions and protecting your business’s reputation with well-planned contingency measures.
  • Instant Insight into Operational Status: Gain immediate visibility into the current state of your operations, allowing you to quickly assess and address any issues as they arise.
  • Scalable and Flexible: adaptable to the unique requirements of diverse range of remote operations
  • Ensuring Compliance with Legal and Safety Standards: Maintain compliance with all legal and safety requirements, ensuring your operations adhere to industry standards and regulations.
  • Comprehensive Cost Savings: Achieve significant financial benefits through improved efficiency, risk management, and compliance, resulting in reduced operational expenses.


Nodestream™Live Single Module Streaming Network Diagram


Any organisation that has a need for the capability of monitoring multiple video feeds simultaneously especially with limited bandwidth capacity needs the value that Nodestream™ Live can deliver  – Nodestream™ Live is a diverse tool that will enhance your visibility and operational efficiency.

Nodestream™ Live is network agnostic. It uses proprietary technology to transport video and enabling it to be transmitted across any network using just a fraction of the bandwidth typically required.

Nodestream™ Live uses a fraction of the bandwidth typically required to stream video. Where video streaming has been previously restricted due to network availability, Nodestream™ Live makes it possible to stream up to 16 channels of video from one encoding device from as low as 500kbps.

Nodestream™ Live is a low cost and efficient solution for multi-channel or aggregated video streaming, especially in bandwidth-limited environments. Rather than increasing your network bandwidth, Nodestream™ Live optimises your existing network capacity to stream up to 16 channels of video per encoding device from as low as 500kbps, so you can get more bang for your buck

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