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Vallianz Holdings is an established provider of specialised vessels to customers in the offshore renewable and conventional energy sector globally. Based in Singapore, Vallianz operates a substantial fleet of offshore vessels offering critical support to the global energy industry with customers across Asia, the Middle East, and Gulf of Mexico. The group also has its own shipbuilding, engineering, and fabrication division in Batam, Indonesia.

the problem

With a steadily growing fleet, Vallianz faced a significant challenge: a lack of real-time situational awareness of its vessels from onshore headquarters in Singapore. Long recognising the imperative to future-proof its operations through digitalisation, Vallianz required awareness for supervision of onboard activities, access to historical data for troubleshooting, and a means to further add value to its vessel operations for clients.

To address this, Vallianz sought an advanced solution to backhaul livestream video feeds from up to 12 onboard CCTV cameras to its operations centre (V-Hub) in Singapore. This relied on using ultra-low bandwidth and ultra-secure remote operations technology.

the solution

Harvest presented an efficient and cost-effective way to livestream Vallianz’s onboard CCTV cameras across its VSAT network back to its V-Hub.

Onboard the “Vallianz Prestige”, Harvest’s NQE 4-channel encoder was installed to transmit video and audio from the vessel to the NQD 4-channel decoder onshore located in the V-Hub. This enabled onshore personnel to view 4 simultaneous camera feeds from the ship, for situational awareness and improved decision-making.

Once the video is decoded at the V-Hub, it can be distributed using Harvest’s secure web portal AVRLive™. The video streams can also be recorded onshore for distribution when required.

Vallianz also used the Nodestream™ android mobile app to enable real-time point-to-point video and voice communications for remote expert and immediate support to the vessel via any mobile device from anywhere.

This solution enabled Vallianz to have complete coverage and situational awareness of its vessel, reliably streaming high-fidelity secure video to its operations centre and end-customers.

“Harvest’s solution will increase the operational efficiency of our vessels and improve the safety of our people as well as enhance the capabilities of our vessels. With Harvest’s technology, our V-Hub operations centre will be better equipped to monitor our vessel and people on a real-time basis. ”

the result

Harvest’s solution was designed to offer remote situational awareness and promote collaboration in decision-making with a real-time connection between offshore and onshore personnel.

For Vallianz, the adoption of Harvest’s Nodestream™ technology addressed the need for remote situational awareness at a low bandwidth and enabled video livestreaming with ease. This allowed Vallianz to better monitor its crew and vessel operations, improve communications between the crew and onshore team when troubleshooting, improve the onshore team’s decision-making capabilities and facilitate a better understanding of the vessel’s operations. 

Tangible results include:

  • Live situational awareness – 24/7 eyes on the job
  • Multicast streaming to key stakeholders and end-clients
  • Monitoring of remote cargo and critical operations 
  • Immediate onshore support for onboard incident investigations
  • Timely assistance from onshore technical experts to ensure continuity of plant and equipment 

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