Harvest enables remote operations

At Harvest Technology, we enable industries to navigate the complexities of remote communications effectively. Our advanced solutions deliver unparalleled high-fidelity video and audio streaming, along with synchronised data transfer capabilities, essential for achieving real-time responsiveness and operational efficiency in crucial environments. Driven by our dedication to innovation and excellence, we consistently raise the bar for communication solutions in challenging scenarios.

Harvest Technology Group is based in Perth, Australia and listed on the Australian stock exchange: ASX: HTG

Harvest’s solutions are designed to navigate the complexities of network variability, such as congestion and poor quality, whilst maintaining minimal bandwidth and latency requirements. By optimising network bandwidth and ensuring robust communication channels, even in conditions of ultra-low connectivity, Harvest Technology addresses the prevalent issues of high latency and bandwidth limitations that hamper remote video streaming. 

The company’s team, with its experience and understanding of offshore and maritime challenges, further enhances their capability to deliver unparalleled service in enabling effective and efficient remote operations. This expertise is particularly crucial for sectors demanding instantaneous data and video transmission from isolated locations, fostering operational efficiency and informed decision-making through live data feeds. 

Remote support for shipping operators

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