Your breakthrough in remote inspection

Perform effective remote inspections with livestreamed HD video, images, documentation and remote input.


Remote inspection with 30 fps HD video using up to 80% less bandwidth

To keep up with today’s changing conditions, more companies are turning to remote inspections as their primary means of maintaining operations, assets, and equipment.

However, fully-synchronised remote video inspections have proven difficult to implement due to patchy and unreliable bandwidth. Inspection teams have been struggling with dropped signals, missing video frames, low quality images, and choppy two-way communications. 

Greater network capacity is not an option for many remote operations. Only solutions that offer bandwidth optimisation can solve the problem. 

Harvest optimises your existing network to reduce bandwidth utilisation by up to 80%, enabling crew members to transmit 30 fps HD video, hi-res images, and data in real-time from remote operations anywhere in the world on any connection. Picture an inspection team in multiple locations working and collaborating with perfect, real-time picture and sound.


An industrial solution for remote inspections

The hardware and software required to effectively conduct accurate remote inspections is all contained in your Harvest solution. Wearwolf™ is software that can easily be pre-loaded onto an array of industrial headsets including those developed by RealWear, Iristick and others. The headset output can be transmitted anywhere in the world with the bandwidth optimisation technology of the Nodestream™ portable satellite gateway. The solution features an industrial-grade architecture with built-in redundancy across multiple servers and data centres for outstanding reliability, and all data is sent over ultra secure point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) connections, above military grade. 

Add Nodestream™ to inspect remote operations from anywhere

Nodestream™ allows you to view your operations from a control centre. By livestreaming multiple channels of HD video, audio, and data securely to your monitoring system, you can efficiently and effectively manage operations anywhere in the world—on land, in the air, or at sea.

Nodestream™ enables multiple video channels to be fed to each monitor, giving you as much coverage and flexibility on as many screens as you need. With Nodestream™, you can be sure you have the complete visibility and control you need to manage your remote inspections.

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