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Infinity Data

Enable remote operations with Network Optimised Livestreaming

Harvest’s proprietary algorithm allows secure high definition video, audio and data from your remote worksite to be livestreamed via satellite, or over poor quality and congested networks at a fraction of the bandwidth previously required. It’s the rugged, reliable, and secure solution at the heart of all Harvest products. 


AI compression maximises bandwidth utilisation giving ultra-low bandwidth with transfer rates down to 32 kbps

Self healing error correction algorithm stops data loss and minimises latency even across a patchy satellite connection

Dial-in the video quality you need to make the right decision. Resolution control from 1080p down to 144p allows you to utilise the bandwidth available and still make the call

Match latency with your specific need. When you need better picture quality, dial up latency. For real-time visuals, dial-down latency to as low as 50 ms

Satellite signals, utilising our protocol, have sustained over 80% packet loss without the remote operator losing control

Military-grade security with 384-bit encryption and TBC – 27001 ISO quality standard certification

Offers ultra secure point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) connections


Infinity Wearwolf

Power your eyes in the field

Infinity Wearwolf is software that can easily be pre-loaded onto an array of industrial headsets, including those developed by RealWear, Iristick and others. The Wearwolf software enables point-to-point video and voice communications for simultaneous review, live analysis and collaboration. Ensuring no one ever has to work alone.


The only thing you need is a network connection. Werewolf directly encodes video and voice communications utilising Harvest’s proprietary solution

Streams can be redistributed to virtually any connected smart device anywhere in the world

1080p, 30fps continuous video, audio and data streaming with on- the-fly adjustment over ultra-low bandwidth

Voice activated commands, hands-free operation, and can power a high-resolution micro display

Add Extra Functionality

The Predator External Thermal Camera

The Predator allows for an external miniature FLIR Systems One Pro Thermal Imaging Camera to be mounted alongside your main camera. This enables remote viewing of thermal images over extremely low bandwidths and poor quality networks. Instantly switch between the two cameras for total visibility of the job site.

Predator External Borescope

An external miniature camera that can be attached to a Wearwolf powered headset giving you a 3 metre range, and with an available lighting system, it enables video to be captured in the tightest spaces.

Nodecom: Enable two-way audio communication

Upgrade the audio capabilities of your Nodestream connection to include an additional channel for two-way communication. Nodecom provides crystal clear duplexed audio, anywhere in the world.


Infinity Nodecom

Enable two-way audio communication

The Nodecom software provides a direct channel for two-way communication. Nodecom allows you to lock down audio channels to 8kbps so they do not impact your video livestreaming. It’s available on all Harvest’s hardware products. 


Assist remote technicians with real-time field support

Empower your field teams with visual issue reporting, smart recommendations, chat, AR-enabled live video, checklists, instructions, and AI-enabled knowledge base access. Opsivity captures every incident and shares expertise within your organisation so operational problems can be resolved fast.


Infinity Nodestream Mini /
Infinity Nodestream Quad

Work with as many video feeds as you need

With a complete vision of the jobsite from a central command centre other solutions you can work remotely in safety and with accuracy. Harvest’s Infinity Nodestream decoders allow for secure, low bandwidth distribution of video feeds point-to-point from the remote site to your command centre anywhere in the world via satellite. 

The Nodestream Quad is designed to be scalable. By connecting a series of units together on one rack you can livestream four, eight, 16 or more channels. Giving you as much coverage on as many monitors as you need. The Nodestream mini is your lightweight, portable livestreaming solution offering a single video channel from wherever you operate.


Infinity Nodestream Quad delivers up to four video feeds at 60fps at 1080p resolution

Infinity Nodestream Mini offers a single full HD video stream in a portable form factor that’s easy to set up

Real-time bandwidth and latency monitoring with on-the-fly adjustment

Robust error correction for HD video livestreaming even across patchy satellite connections

Add Extra Functionality

RemTeq™: Control your unmanned remote equipment

The device agnostic RemTeq feature lets you control the flight of a UAV or the course of a UMV through your Nodestream connection. Working as low as 14kbps and incorporating Harvest’s A.I. self-healing algorithm, you will never lose control.

Nodecom: Enable two-way audio communication

Upgrade the audio capabilities of your Nodestream connection to include a direct channel for two-way communication. Nodecom allows you to lock down audio channels to 8kbps so they do not impact your video livestreaming.


Infinity AVR2

Secure point-to-cloud video distribution

When you have a team of experts spread around the world who need to view your livestreamed video, the AVR2 allows your team to log-in via the web and watch live video from the cloud without the need for a decoder. Easily scale your video distribution to include everyone who needs to view it. All that’s required is a web connection and log-in credentials.


Visibility into remote operations from virtually any smart device

Real-time HD video and data over low-quality satellite networks point-to-cloud

Simultaneous review and decision making from anywhere in the world

Plug and play usability, maximum video signal compatibility, and complete customisation



Infinity Nodester

Optimise and allocate your bandwidth with a tap

Your fixed and limited bandwidth does not have to be at the mercy of data-hungry devices or users who swallow up all your capacity. Using the Nodester application on your iPad or Android device, you can see your network and all the devices on it. Allocate bandwidth on-the-fly for each device to ensure the people who need it the most are not left with a poor connection.


Graphically displays all active connections on your network

Offers full user-configurable settings including bandwidth, latency and more

Features a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface designed for tablets

Enables you to manage video encoders and decoders anywhere in the world

Complete Systems

Infinity RIS

Inspect and control remote operations from anywhere

The Remote Inspection System (RIS) allows you to remove personnel from remote sites and place them in command centres, offices, homes, or anywhere you need to be. By Livestreaming multiple channels of HD video, audio, and data securely to your monitoring system, you can efficiently and effectively manage operations anywhere in the world—on land, in the air, or at sea. 

Harvest’s RIS is able to take data inputs from any sensor device and synchronise it precisely within a video stream. An array of sensor data inputs such as depth, GPS location, and many others can be synchronised exactly to a specific video frame. That allows customers to know exactly where the camera is at any point of the video, which makes surveying, and trouble-shooting, extremely accurate.

Further, with Remteq software from Harvest, you can make the Remote Inspection System a remote control system, giving you the ability to control unmanned vehicles. Remotely conduct inspections on land with aerial drones or manage unmanned maritime vehicles (UMV) on the surface or underwater.

To get complete visibility and control of your remote operation from a central control centre, the RIS system can be purchased in two ways. For offshore marine customers, it can be sourced through Fugro Marine. For other, non-marine applications, it can be bought directly from Harvest.


Capable of packaging everything needed for remote operations into a shipping container that can be loaded onto any operational vessel

Livestreams 1080p, 60fps continuous video, audio and data to a command center that can be anywhere in the world

Enables up to eight* HD video cameras to deliver live feeds over the same bandwidth that traditionally could only carry one

Takes inspection engineers, surveyors, and clients out of dangerous conditions in the field


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With variable connectivity from Harvest you can adjust latency, bandwidth, and resolution controls to enable optimal performance. Get high-definition video, audio, and data delivered at under 300Kbps, uninterrupted over satellite and congested terrestrial networks anywhere in the world.

With RemTeq™ remote control, available as a customised feature within our Nodestream product, you can continuously operate remote equipment even with up to 90% packet loss. Self-healing artificial intelligence is used to repair lost or fragmented data packets and maintain a continuous, quality connection. In addition, our industrial-proven solution offers fail-safe redundancy across multiple servers and data centres.

Harvest offers ultra-secure point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) connections that exceed military standards. Featuring 384-bit encryption and meeting the TBC – 27001 ISO quality standard, you can rest assured your data is protected.

Yes. Harvest software and hardware are completely interoperable with any network: Satellite, mobile or terrestrial. Private or public.

Our point-to-point livestream optimised connection only requires encoding and decoding hardware that can be set up in under two hours if you know your port information.

Network configuration and port information

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