Control UMVs from anywhere in the world

Critical personnel no longer have to be in the field to control and command your unmanned vehicles


Complete control capabilities and HD livestreamed video for UMV operations

There is a push to remove the UMV operator from the field and place them in a remote control centre. However, this has proven difficult for a number of reasons. Remote solutions have not provided reliable control or a clear enough picture from the UMV. There has been too much lag in the system and the operators have struggled without real-time data and pictures. This is especially problematic for UMV operations where a drop in signal, picture, or data could mean the loss of a vehicle or delays in extremely expensive operations.

Harvest enables full control of UMVs from anywhere in the world. The operator has access to HD video and data livestreamed from the device to enable full control of the vehicle from a command centre. The same video and data can also be distributed in real-time to anyone on the network or even via a link to the cloud. 


We’ve eliminated the issue with bandwidth for remote UMV control

Harvest’s proprietary data algorithm solves the problem where there’s not enough bandwidth provided by available satellite coverage or the signal is constrained or absent. It allows secure high-definition video, audio, and data from remote worksites to be livestreamed at a fraction of the bandwidth previously required.
To ensure you never lose a UMV, it gives you failsafe control that incorporates AI self-healing technology that stops data loss and minimises latency even across a patchy satellite connection.
It’s the rugged, reliable, and secure technology at the heart of Harvest’s UMV solution.

Reduce bandwidth utilisation by up to 80%

AI compression maximises bandwidth utilisation giving ultra-low bandwidth with transfer rates down to 32 kbps.

Maintain control even with signal loss

Satellite signals can degrade up to 90% without the remote operator losing control.

Provision bandwidth where it's needed most

Adjust and balance video resolution with available bandwidth for latency as low as 50 ms at 200 kb/s.

Ultra secure point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) connections

Military-grade security with 384-bit encryption and TBC – 27001 ISO quality standard certification.

Add Nodestream™ to control remote operations from anywhere

Harvest’s Nodestream™ allows you to control equipment and unmanned vehicles from a control centre. By livestreaming multiple channels of HD video, audio, and data securely, you can efficiently and effectively manage operations anywhere in the world—on land, in the air, or at sea.

Harvest’s Nodestream™ is able to synchronise data with the video stream. It can capture sensor data such as depth or GPS location and synchronise it exactly to a specific video frame. That allows the customer to know exactly where the camera is at any point of the video, which makes operations extremely accurate.

The Nodestream™ system enables multiple video channels to be fed to each monitor, giving you as much coverage and flexibility on as many screens as you need. With the Nodestream™ system, you can be sure you have the complete visibility and control you need to manage your remote operations.

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