Complete coverage, no compromise

Envision a system where your cameras can consistently and reliably stream every detail, and instantaneously distribute the footage to anyone, anywhere.

HD Video surveillance at 60 fps using up to 80% less bandwidth

Maintaining situational awareness has always been a challenge on remote sites and assets. Whether preserving safety standards, personnel welfare, or security, having the option to remotely monitor teams and assets continuously and reliably has been cost prohibitive or technically impossible. More cameras meant lower picture quality. Better video quality meant sacrificing coverage.

Harvest has eliminated this trade-off. Our remote surveillance solutions allow unparalleled audio-visual links to remote sites and assets leveraging existing CCTV systems and communications infrastructure. This is achieved by our proprietary protocols operating at the lowest possible bandwidths and delivering the highest quality outcome.

You can add multiple HD cameras to livestream video with the quality you need to immediately make critical and operational decisions.

Make a choice to operate safer and smarter.

Reliable and secure

Nodestream™ features built-in redundancy across multiple servers and data centres for outstanding sustainability and reliability. All data is delivered via ultra-secure military grade point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) connections.


By connecting a series of Nodestream™ units together on one rack you can livestream as many channels as your system can accommodate, giving you as much coverage as you need.


The Nodestream™ system  provides point-to-web secure video distribution for multiple parties to view and collaborate anywhere in the world


Your system can be customised to include technology with triggers and alerts to detect unauthorised activity or potential hazards.

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