Complete coverage, not compromise

Add as many HD livestreaming video surveillance cameras as you need and don’t worry about your bandwidth.


Video surveillance with 60 fps HD video using up to 80% less bandwidth

Traditionally, your surveillance coverage was limited by your available bandwidth. More cameras meant lower picture quality. Better video quality meant sacrificing coverage. With our remote surveillance solution, Harvest has eliminated this tradeoff.


Nodestream™ optimises your existing network to reduce bandwidth utilisation by up to 80%, enabling you to transmit 30 fps HD video in real-time from remote operations anywhere in the world on any connection. 

Now you can add multiple HD video cameras that can livestream pictures with the quality you need to see problems clearly and immediately.

Envision a system without latency and lag, where your cameras can capture every detail of an incident and instantaneously make the footage available to anyone in the world who needs to see it.

Reliable and secure

Nodestream™ X features an Industrial-grade architecture with built-in redundancy across multiple servers and data centres for outstanding reliability, and all data is sent over ultra secure point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) connections, above military grade.


By connecting a series of Nodestream Quad units together on one rack you can livestream four, eight, 16 or more channels. Giving you as much coverage on as many monitors as you need.

Remote power options

For remote locations, the Harvest solution enables you to power your camera network from solar or batteries.

Network control for livestreaming

The solution also includes the Nodester app that allows you to control and allocate your bandwidth where it is needed most.


Add Nodestream™ Live and get point-to-cloud secure video distribution for further collaboration and viewing expansion to anyone that needs it anywhere in the world.


Your system can be customised to include technology that detects trigger activity and warns operators of possible issues.

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