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The 2022 Deloitte oil and gas (O&G) outlook report indentified more than 75% of O&G respondents believe that flexible and agile workforce structures that empower remote, hybrid, and cross-border teams would help companies compete and retain talent in today’s tight labor market along with another 33% that also expect a high risk of supply disruptions over the next five years (2020–2025). Considering this uncertainty, many companies are accelerating their adoption of remote operations in the Energy and Resource sectors to improve worker safety, cost savings, productivity, environmental footprint and customer experience.

One key area of improvement for the Energy and Resource Industry is enabling collaboration between workers in remote areas and subject matter experts (SMEs) working in different global facilities. SMEs are often called in to help resolve complicated and unfamiliar issues. Given the travel time required to get an SME to remote sites, critical equipment breakdown can result in days of asset down-time and supply chain disruption.

Using Remote Operations solutions like Harvest Technology’s Nodestream Live™ and Nodestream™X (formerly RiS), SMEs and remote workers can collaborate in real-time to fix, maintain and operate critical equipment. 

Maritime Surveillance Vessel Monitoring Webinar

“Real-time communications (visual and audio) with personnel directly involved with the operations provides a viable solution for remote support and coordination.

Harvest is a professional company with a highly-competent team. The technology provided through Harvest enables a real-time view of the offshore environment previously not possible” Fugro NV

Our clients commonly use our remote solutions for:

  • On-Site completions with remote guidance
  • Regular production installation workflows
  • Remote witness testing
  • General environmental scans via thermal imaging
  • Remote asset maintenance and repairs
  • Live video inspections of core assets and processes
  • Remote HSE inspections
  • ROV control and inspection
  • Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) and Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs)
  • Drone (UAV) Beyond visual line of site (BVLOS)
  • Remote live CCTV monitoring
  • Optimising existing low bandwidth satellite connections

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