Solving Remote / Infrastructure

Real-time video and data to proactively maintain your key assets

Are your inspections keeping up with your operations?

Persistent inspections and survey of physical assets and long range mapping provide real-time situational awareness of critical assets and their condition. Our optimised Nodestream™ remote inspection and survey solutions can provide the connectivity you need to maintain the condition of your assets, and optimise your operations for the future.

  • Achieve more efficient inspections of sites such as power generation infrastructure, bulk water storage and treatment, construction, and boundary security.

  • Provide rapid, actionable data and security on critical assets such as power, water, railways, roads, powerlines and pipelines.

  • Livestream HD video from UAVs to team members watching on almost any device, anywhere in the world

  • 60fps real-time video with synchronised serial data

  • Transfer rates down to 32kbps

  • Military-grade security with 384-bit encryption

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