Support Field Technicians in real-time

Connect remote team members and resolve issues in the field quickly and effectively


Resolve issues in the field quicker and more effectively with instant support and guidance

Visualise your field technician tackling an issue with a piece of heavy equipment. Away from home base, they are limited by their technical knowledge and the resources they can carry with them. However now, the engineer doesn’t have to work alone.


With Harvest, collaboration and problem solving in the field happens in real-time

The field technician starts by using their mobile device to identify the equipment and collect its onboard data. They then take a picture of the problem area and the solution automatically requests help based on the issue and the location. The field technician is then connected to a local expert who can help with live video chat, resources, checklists, instructions, and access to the knowledgebase.

If your team has deployed wearables, or is considering to in the future, field technicians can work through issues directly with an expert within your organisation as though they were there. Haven’t deployed wearable yet? No problem. With Harvest’s Opsivity application, which provides real-time access to both operational expertise as well as live experts, your team is covered. The app also runs on the devices your field teams already use and trust, whether that be smartphones, tablets, laptops, or wearables.

Reduce time-to-resolution, lower operational costs, and increase efficiency with field collaboration from Harvest

A revolution in field support

Real-time support

Help your field technicians fix issues the first time and avoid multiple trips to the remote job site. Assist them remotely in real-time when they need help the most.

Asset and quality inspection

Automate and streamline the inspection reporting process. Define checklists and use our RealWear HMT-1 application for fast inspections.

AR-enabled support

Using collaborative tools such as visual issue reporting, chat, AR-enabled video, and chatbots, field technicians can report issues and get expert assistance faster.

Equipment maintenance and support

Speed up your equipment maintenance with configurable checklists and real-time visual support.