Live Streaming Made Easy

Real-time monitoring and decision making

The AVR2 System has been fully designed in-house, utilising Harvest’s vast experience in remote video and data solutions. The system provides plug and play usability, maximum video signal compatibility and complete customisation. Coupled with the AVRLive NodeStream™ online streaming system, clients now have access to live video and data streams on virtually any connected mobile or desktop device.

Making Secure Live Streaming Easy!

It’s not always possible to put the right experts, engineers, and clients in the field or even at a central remote location together. That’s when you need a secure and easy method to stream live video to the cloud and enable every stakeholder to participate from anywhere and on any device.

Harvest’s AVR2 is a self contained industrial streaming solution that allows your team to log-in via the web and watch live video from the cloud using any device. Easily scalable to your video distribution network to include everyone who needs to view it. All that’s required is a web connection and log-in credentials.

Web Interface Feature Set

  • Fully configurable client visual experience (customisable branding and color schemes to present video / data as required)

  • Self-managed access by email invite

  • 384 bit encrypted video / data streams

  • Multi browser compatible (inc. mobile devices)

  • On-the-fly bandwidth and quality adjustment

  • Share a single stream across multiple presentations to different audiences worldwide

  • Visualise data with multiple trend options

  • Reseller friendly interface

  • On-the-fly bandwidth adjustment

DOF Subsea chooses AVR2

Many companies that perform offshore remote operations need to work smarter to improve safety, cut costs and reduce environmental impact. As a leading provider of integrated subsea projects and marine services in all major offshore regions worldwide, Norway headquartered DOF Subsea is no different.

DOF asked us to help them to develop a solution that would improve safety performance, increase efficiency, and reduce project risk for their customers. They chose AVR2 to support their offshore inspection, repair, and maintenance activities. The self-contained industrial streaming solution allows onshore personnel to log in via the web and watch live video using any device to provide a secure, ultra-low bandwidth optimised video live streaming from their Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) from anywhere in the world.

Add AVR2 to RiS™ for ultimate team collaboration

When paired with the AVR2, RiS™ can provide point-to-cloud secure video distribution for further collaboration and expansion.

Use cases

Marine surveying

With HD livestreamed video, the marine surveyor can operate safely and far more efficiently than ever before. Crew members or clients can transmit 30 frames-per-second HD video, hi-res images, and data in real-time from vessels anywhere in the world via a satellite connection.

Fugro takes complete control of their bandwidth everywhere they operate

With Harvest's RIS, Fugro takes complete control of their bandwidth everywhere they operate

Fugro, the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, had reached the operational ceiling of its available bandwidth for remote surveying and inspection. Harvest optimised Fugro’s existing network capacity to allow ~80% more video throughput. We also enabled variable bandwidth control and eight video feeds where there used to be just one. Fugro now has the remote capability required to support all its remote surveying needs.

“Multiple modes for bandwidth let us support our operations with absolute precision.”

Chevron saves $100K using higher-quality video for remote inspection

Chevron saves $100K using higher-quality video for remote inspection

COVID restrictions required Chevron to switch to remote inspections in order to conduct its critical maintenance survey of its Australian plant and infrastructure.

Harvest provided Chevron with real-time, high-quality, and simultaneous live-streaming video and voice capabilities. This connected contract surveyors wearing hardhat-mounted cameras in Australia, with specialised engineers in Houston, USA. Infrastructure was inspected thoroughly and critical maintenance data was captured and recorded with a complete audit trail.

“Seeing remotely what the surveyor sees, with direction from specialist engineers in the US and Perth, is outstanding.”