Live real-time decision making

Add RiS™ to inspect remote operations, anywhere. anytime

Shift from on-site to live off-site inspection and reporting

To keep up with today’s challenging conditions, more companies are turning to remote inspections as their primary means of maintaining operations, assets, and equipment.

However, fully-synchronised remote video inspections have proven difficult to implement due to patchy and unreliable bandwidth. Inspection teams have been struggling with dropped signals, missing video frames, low quality images, and choppy two-way communications. 

Greater network capacity is not an option for many remote operations. Only solutions that offer bandwidth optimisation can solve the problem. 

Harvest’s RiS™ optimises your existing network to reduce bandwidth utilisation by up to 80%, enabling crew members to transmit 30 fps HD video, hi-res images, and data in real-time from remote operations anywhere in the world on any connection. 

Using Harvest Technology’s proprietary Nodestream transfer protocol, RiS™ is able to deliver secure “Closed Network” high-definition video, synchronised data, and high quality audio transmission from any site to another. Nodestream maximises bandwidth utilisation enabling ultra-low bandwidth consumption.

Network optimised livestreaming

With complete vision of the work site from single or multiple command centres, RiS™ allows you to work remotely in safety and with accuracy. Harvest’s Nodestream decoders allow for secure, low bandwidth distribution of video feeds point-to-point from the remote site to your command centre anywhere in the world via satellite and terrestrial networks regardless of congestion. 

  • Multiple video streams with Sensor Data

  • AI automated alerts

  • Point-to-point 1080p

  • 60fps real-time video with synchronised serial data

  • Transfer rates down to 64kbps

  • Military-grade security with 384-bit encryption

Benefits of RiS™

Synchronise data

RiS™ is able to take data inputs from any sensor device and synchronise it precisely within a video stream. An array of sensor data inputs such as depth, GPS location, and many others can be synchronised exactly to a specific video frame. This allows the ability to instantly process captured video and data with the precision required for inspection. Knowing exactly where the camera is at any point of the video, allows surveying and trouble-shooting to be extremely accurate.

Reduce resources and increase utilisation

Remove personnel from remote sites and place them in command centers, offices, homes, or anywhere you need to be. Multiple offshore projects can be supported simultaneously by one onshore team.

Save time with real-time inspection and reporting

Create efficiencies using frame synchronised serial data to eliminate off-site post project processing, enabling quick decision-making and problem solving.

Reduced carbon footprint

Operations no longer burn fuel or oils transporting personnel and equipment to remote sites.

Increase safety

Experts can run operations from safe locations and be out of harms way.

Lower operational costs

Reduction in the costs of transportation, accommodation, support, and logistics.

Real-time flexibility

  • Variable bandwidth and latency control for 60fps livestreaming video
  • Simultaneous review, live analysis and collaboration
  • On-the-fly bandwidth optimisation and allocation with Harvest’s Nodster App
  • Nodecom two-way audio

Remote Technical Expertise​

Integrate Harvest’s Wearwolf™ into the RiS™ to enable remote technicians, specialists, or clients to the on-site situation via real-time live video.

This enables field staff to collaborate more efficiently with the remote experts and resolve critical issues almost instantaneously.

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