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From left to right: Harvest Technology Group COO Linda Shields, Vice President AST – Asia Pacific James De Vroome, Harvest Technology Group

Pinku Jain, Systems Tester for Harvest Technology Group.  An early love of maths and problem-solving spurred Pinku to a career in STEM

Harvest Technology Group Head of Solution Architecture, Jimmy Dean (right) with Shamal Technologies Head of Archaeology and Marine, Frank Mallon (left).  May 12, 2023:  Harvest

Frank Mallon, Head of Marine and Archaeology at Shamal Technologies pictured in dive gear.  We recently sat down with Francis Mallon, Head

Elisa Woodward (centre), Vallianz Head of Engineering, New Building and Technology pictured with Kenneth Tan Teck Gee (left), Vallianz Senior Engineer and

April 24, 2023:  Harvest Technology Group (Harvest) is excited to announce its first-time exhibition at Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas in

Andy Freeman, Head of Sales Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA, left) pictured with Jimmy Dean, Head of Solution Architecture (right) at

April 12, 2023:  Harvest Technology Group (Harvest) is excited to announce we are exhibiting at Ocean Business 2023 in Southampton, UK from


Partnering for success By Linda Shields, Harvest Technology Group’s Chief Operating Officer April, 5 2023:  Harvest Technology Group has been using partnerships

Linda Shields Chief Operating Officer  Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Linda Shields was inspired to start Harvest after working firsthand in offshore