Harvest Technology Group expands its footprint within Defence 

January 24, 2023: 

We are pleased to confirm we have received both second and third orders for our Nodestream™ technology from our prominent Five-Eyes defence customer.  

These orders continue the deployment of our ultra-low bandwidth, secure Nodestream™ technology into the Customer’s network and semi-autonomous field assetsreinforcing its value in defence and battlespace applications.  

“The opportunity to work collaboratively and globally within the Five-Eyes defence network is very exciting for us and demonstrates a demand for the capabilities we offer,” said Harvest’s COO, Linda Shields.  

We are also pleased to confirm that following a very successful trial with a number of key stakeholders, the order for remote telemedicine kits from our European Union Defence Force customer has been received. The commissioning of the kits to its naval fleet will get underway this quarter  

Additionally, the trial of Nodestream™ Integrated devices on drones for the Japanese Self-Defence Force was successful and very well received, resulting in equipment purchase and discussions of future orders 

The utilisation of our technology in the defence sector is expected to grow into the future with defence forces deploying the platform across multiple operational theatres within their scope 

For more information please refer to our market update 

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