London, United Kingdom, 15 March 2022 — Harvest Technology Group Limited (Harvest) today announced global availability for its flagship product, RiS™ (Remote Inspection System). RiS delivers high-definition video, synchronised data, and high-quality audio transmission from any site to another via a secure Local Area Network (LAN) using military-grade encryption, even when connectivity is low or unreliable.  

For the past three years, RiS has been successfully deployed in the energy industry, used exclusively by the world’s leading geo-data specialist, resulting in an overall cost reduction of approximately 50%, delivery of unprecedented reliability and security over ultra-low-bandwidth connections, and up to 90% packet loss without any loss of control. Packet loss occurs when data doesn’t reach its destination after being transmitted across a network. 

Starting today, customers can use RiS to transition their assets, engineers, and inspection surveyors from offshore platforms, vessels, and rigs worldwide to local onshore operation centres or even their offices, where they receive the video and data to carry out inspections. RiS allows technical experts to be in single or multiple command centres anywhere globally. As a result, they can access remote operations, review data, and make critical decisions without going on site. This improves asset and people safety and reduces environmental impact and operational costs.  

“RiS is the ideal product for customers who want a step-change in how they manage remote operations through live off-site inspection and reporting,” said Paul Guilfoyle, Group CEO, Harvest Technology Group. “RiS makes it safer for workers, cuts operational costs and allows multiple offshore projects to be supported simultaneously by one onshore team.” 

 “Moving personnel to a local onshore operation centre promotes a better way of life, providing technical experts a set schedule and quality time safe at home with their families,” continued Guilfoyle. “Many remote sites are hazardous areas. Removing people provides an instant reduction in health and safety exposure because they are no longer in a dangerous location, travelling to and from remote locations, or going into zones that may be subject to political unrest. RiS is true innovation, and we look forward to providing this solution to new customers around the globe.” 

Technical experts will no longer need to prepare to travel and work on remote sites. It can take weeks, for example, learning about a remote location, proving a certain fitness level, passing a medical, getting vaccinated, undertaking safety training, and travelling to the site. They also won’t be offshore for weeks or months at a time.  

RiS is built on Harvest’s proprietary protocols, allowing the ability to switch between command locations via the Nodester control application. In addition, the solution has other broad industry applications, including energy and resources, defence, first responders and emergency services, agriculture, and unmanned vehicles.  

RiS™ will launch at the Oceanology International event in London, UK, from March 15-18, 2022. 

To learn more about RiS™, please visit RIS – Harvest Technology