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Topsides UK 2023

Harvest Technology Group to present at Topsides UK 2023 

November 7, 2023: 

We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting at Topsides UK 2023 on November 8 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Topside UK brings together industry leaders to discuss challenges and opportunities, learn from case studies and showcase the latest technology and solutions in the energy sector.

The theme of this year’s event is “how do we deliver energy security and net-zero in a mature basin?”  As the energy industry strives to deliver energy security and net-zero targets at the same time it is vital for the sector to adapt and continuously improve.

At this year’s conference, our Technical Sales Manager – EMEA, Steve Moir will present how live streaming and remote operations can drive operational efficiencies and meet net-zero targets in a mature basin.

Our Nodestream™ technology enables network optimised livestreaming to transmit high-quality video, audio, and data across any network, using the lowest possible bandwidth and latency. With a multitude of applications including remote monitoring, remote support and remote control, there are many opportunities across the energy industry for technology to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Trusted and proven by energy customers around the world, Nodestream™ has the potential to revolutionise operations by enabling dynamic communication from anywhere in the world.

Join Steve at Topsides UK on November 8, 2023 at P&J Live Aberdeen.

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