Jason King product Design and Delivery Lead


Jason King product Design and Delivery Lead

Jason King Product Design and Delivery Lead 

Harvest Technology Group’s Product Design and Delivery Lead Jason King joined the company in 2019. The former electrician now ensures the design, quality control, and compliance of the company’s hardware products, as well as warehouse and logistics management. When it comes to job satisfaction, for Jason it’s all about creating high-quality products and watching the company grow and succeed. 

Joined Harvest: 2019 
Qualifications: Qualified electrician 
Tell us about your role and what you’re responsible for at Harvest

I’m responsible for the design, development, and delivery of all Harvest hardware products. I work with the software development team to ensure our hardware is fit-for-purpose, from conception through to customer delivery. This includes user guides, manuals, hardware specifications, product compliance, product packaging and liaising with vendors and manufacturers. Quality assurance and quality control are also a large part of the job. My team ensures that all products adhere to design standards and are manufactured to those standards so that every customer receives a quality product without any defects.

What do you love about your job?

The diversity and the challenges – there’s never a boring day. I really enjoy a good challenge and working under pressure, as well as furthering my experience and knowledge. Being part of the success of Harvest is what drives me.

What led you to this role?

I was approached by Jimmy Dean, our Head of Solutions Architecture, and Jaron Warburton, Chief of Innovation, as they needed a technical specialist to manage the company’s hardware requirements. They’d identified a skillset gap and brought me on because they knew my capabilities from when we’d worked together previously. Given my experience as an electrician programming lighting control systems and my interest in technology, they thought I’d be a good fit for the company.

What achievement are you most proud of since working at Harvest?

My biggest challenge at Harvest was hardware compliance. I had to learn what we needed to do to meet regulatory compliance requirements for our customers globally, and then develop our policies and procedures. There’s an abundance of compliance information which can be difficult to distil and contextualise. Now, we have a really robust system in place to ensure our hardware is compliant with the sectors and regions our customers operate in. It’s a great sense of achievement.

Jason Kind manages Harvest's products, logistics and warehouse
What goal are you currently working towards?

Our goal at Harvest is to always provide our customers with solutions that address their operational needs while giving them the best possible experience. As we grow and mature, we are always learning more about our customer needs and how our technology can help them solve their problems. My focus is to continually improve the whole customer experience from unboxing to setup to usability and capability. When I think about myself as a consumer; if I buy a product and have a bad experience with it, I am reluctant to buy from that company again. If I have a pleasant or rewarding experience, then they will be my go-to company for anything I buy in the future. Making sure our customers feel like this is at the centre of everything we do.

How do you measure success with the customer?

Success is solving a problem with our technology that a customer thought was impossible to solve, without much additional instruction or support. For me, it’s all about user experience and onboarding and ensuring a pleasant experience working with Harvest.

What’s your take on why Harvest is leading the way in remote operations solutions?

Not only is our technology so robust that we can provide integrated solutions involving multiple applications and interfaces, but we also have a very in-depth understanding of the technical and operational nature of our target sectors that is backed by an extensive working experience in those sectors. We understand the needs and challenges facing remote environments and locations and have developed our technology and built our solutions to address those needs.

What’s the most remote location you’ve ever worked in?

While working in oil and gas, the most remote location I visited was a place off the coast of Myanmar. These days, I don’t really have any aspirations to go anywhere remote at all!

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