Harvest Technology Group and Shamal Technologies Partnership to bring innovation to Saudi Arabia


Coral Autonomous reef monitoring system shamal technology

Shamal Technologies – Installing coral Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure (ARMS) system.

February 21, 2023: 

Perth-based start-up Harvest Technology Group Limited (Harvest) is excited to announce it has signed a partnership with Shamal Technologies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Harvest welcomes Shamal Technologies (Shamal) as its newest global partner, opening opportunities to enable the next evolution of remote operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and within the Middle Eastern region.

Shamal is a leading geospatial company that delivers end-to-end data acquisition, visualisation, and analytics solutions to reduce operational risk. The first in Saudi Arabia to develop solutions that integrate AI with uncrewed systems, Shamal partners with cutting-edge global companies to deliver the latest technology solutions to Saudi Arabia.

Utilising a range of assets such as uncrewed aerial vehicles, uncrewed surface vehicles and remote-operated vehicles, as well as surveillance systems, Shamal provides services to industries such as environmental conservation, archaeological research, infrastructure monitoring, and energy.

As a global leader in industry proven integrated technology solutions for remote operations, Harvest shares Shamal’s passion for innovation to empower organisations to digitally transform how they operate.

“We’re pleased to be aligned with Shamal Technologies, a company that is driven to bring innovation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and transform operations to work smarter and more cost-effectively with digital technology. This partnership is a great opportunity to confirm our technology in a remote, diverse environment that complements our current solutions,” said Jimmy Dean, Harvest’s Head of Solution Architecture. 

Harvest will partner with Shamal to deliver real-time secure situational awareness and control to Shamal’s clients, by enabling Shamal’s assets with Harvest’s Nodestream™ remote control and livestreaming technology.

“We’re looking forward to working with Harvest to use their technology as a part of critical marine and underwater surveys in the Kingdom. Being able to relay real-time data securely to our clients will be a game changer. Live video transmission of coral reefs, turtle nesting sites and aquaculture projects will be among the first deployments,” said Frank Mallon, Director of Marine and Archaeology at Shamal Technologies.

“Another critical use will be in the survey of archaeological sites and the installation of remote, long-term monitoring stations. Shamal in partnership with Harvest will lead the Heritage Protection capabilities in the region,” said Frank Mallon.

This partnership will work to bring world-class innovation into the region to enable safer, efficient, and more cost-effective operations with minimal impact to the environment.

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