Drones to the rescue


Drones to the rescue

February 1, 2023: 

Industry and governments are continually looking for efficiencies – opportunities to improve safety and productivity, while reducing environmental impact, response times and costs.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have the potential to revolutionise many industry sectors including emergency services, security, energy, transport and logistics, resources, and infrastructure.

Need to move urgent medical supplies like blood or a donor organ to a hospital hundreds of kilometres away? Need to assess damage after a fire or flood without sending in a spotter crew on the ground?

These activities and more can be done safer and more efficiently using drones, satellite communications and software that enables true beyond horizon situational awareness using secure and reliable livestreaming of high-quality video and data.

HTG’s Chief Product Officer Damiain Brown and Carbonix Founder Dario Valenza explore the future of UAVs, so big ideas can continue to take off into the future.

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