Vallianz Prestige


Vallianz Prestige

Perth November 16, 2022:

Following testing and proof-of-concept, Perth start-up Harvest Technology Group’s (ASX:HTG) (Harvest, Company) live video solution is set to hit the high seas via Singapore company Vallianz’s new-build DP2 vessel, “Vallianz Prestige”.

Following the signing of the first contract between the two companies, Harvest’s proprietary Nodestream™ technology will play a key role in maintaining vessel situational awareness through live video streaming from onboard CCTV cameras to Vallianz’s shore-based operations centre in Singapore (V-Hub) using ultra-secure and ultra-low bandwidth remote communications technology.

“The core differentiator of our tech is its ability to use bandwidth as efficiently as possible while maintaining livestream of high-definition and ultra-secure video, which reduces costs associated with purchasing large data pipes,” Harvest Group Chief Executive Officer Paul Guilfoyle said.

“Using our technology to transport efficiently optimised video, we will connect Vallianz’s onboard CCTV cameras via the vessel’s existing satellite network to stream back to their operations centre in Singapore.”

As part of this initial engagement, Harvest will also conduct onboard trials of wearable cameras to enhance remote support capabilities.

“At any time, an engineer could be at sea and dealing with an issue on a pump that requires specialist expertise to resolve,” Paul said. “The engineer can simply connect a wearable camera or Android phone to the vessel Wi-Fi and livestream video, with two-way voice, back to a shore-based subject matter expert who can provide real-time technical support.

“As part of our developing technology roadmap with Vallianz, in 2023 we are looking to explore new artificial intelligence (AI) developments to further promote onboard safety, such as event-driven alerts, for instance, security monitoring, PPE monitoring, man overboard, or deck exclusion zone safety where an AI alert could trigger a notification back to the operation centre for prioritisation for management.”

Listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange, Vallianz and its associated companies operate a fleet of more than 70 offshore support vessels that offer critical support for energy exploration, development, and production operations to customers in the global energy industry.

Vallianz provides specialised vessels to customers in the offshore renewable and conventional energy sectors across Asia, the Middle East, and the Gulf of Mexico, which are regions supported by Harvest’s technology.

Vallianz also has a shipbuilding, engineering and fabrication division that provides full end-to-end turnkey solutions for all aspects of shipbuilding, conversions, and repair, as well as asset fabrication and customised marine and shipyard production solutions.

“Our aim is to continually seek superior solutions for our clients. Harvest’s solution will increase the operational efficiency of our vessels and improve the safety of our people as well as enhance the capabilities of our vessels,” Head of Engineering, New Building and Technology at Vallianz Elisa Woodward said.

“Typically, our vessels will have 10 to 12 cameras placed around the forward-facing aft, on the back deck, in the engine rooms and other operational areas. Our newly built DP2 vessel, Vallianz Prestige will be predominantly traversing the waters of Asia and the Middle East. With Harvest’s technology, our V-Hub operations centre will be better equipped to monitor our vessel and people on a ‘real-time’ basis.

“As an organisation that embraces new technology, we look forward to exploring the future with Harvest and how together we can enhance vessel operations and the maritime services we offer our clients.”

Vallianz chose Harvest following a referral from satellite titan Inmarsat Maritime.

“Following thorough testing of our systems over Inmarsat’s satellite service, Harvest was referred to Vallianz via the Inmarsat Certified Application Partner program,” Paul said. “As part of the program, Inmarsat Maritime promotes our technology to their customers. Inmarsat Maritime has more than 70,000 high satellite connections with vessels around the world.”

Working closely with the Inmarsat Maritime business unit, the Harvest solution will deliver Vallianz’s requirements using the existing Inmarsat Global Express satellite network on the vessel.

“Harvest is a Certified Application Partner of Inmarsat, and this collaboration is an example of how, through the digitalisation of Vallianz’s offshore vessels, Harvest is helping us meet our customers’ needs through the digitalisation of their offshore vessels,” said Dennis Teo, Sales Director, Inmarsat Maritime APAC.

The partnership with Vallianz and expanding relationship with Inmarsat is a key component in the delivery of Phase Two of Harvest’s business strategy which focuses on income growth and diversity.

WEBINAR: Improving remote monitoring and support of vessels using video and other digital technology

What: This webinar will explore better ways to monitor and support vessels using video and other data, making the best use of existing communications infrastructure, cameras, and other shipboard systems.

When: Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at 6:00pm AWST (9:00pm AEDT)

Who: The panel will include Andy Freeman, Technical Sales Manager – EMEA, Harvest Technology Group, Damiain Brown, Chief Product Officer, Harvest Technology Group and special guest Elisa Woodward, Head of Engineering, Shipbuilding and Technology, Vallianz Holdings.

Link: Those wishing to attend can register on the following link: