UAV satellite direct decision-making quality video below 100kbps

May 31, 2022:

Harvest Technology are excited to share their latest innovation in conjunction with Inmarsat Aviation – satellite direct UAV BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) capability, enabled and proven through live payload control, over ultra-low bandwidth with ultra-high point-to-point encryption.

Using an updated Harvest Technology Group Nodestream™ protocol on the TTP BRMworks Blueprint terminal with Omnidirectional antenna, HTG have successfully trialled direct to satellite video streaming and control functionality on a Matrice 600 UAV, with streams near real-time (1-2s latency) at less than 100kbps over the Inmarsat ELERA network via LEO constellation.

Complete with onboard satellite terminal and all associated hardware at less than 15kg weight, the UAV was locally controlled with no additional hardware or connectivity required at ground control station.

Simple, clean, back-to-base video from a small drone from anywhere in the world.