Utilise and share expertise across your operation

Retain and spread critical knowledge across your organisation so you never lose what made your company great.


A solution for retaining knowledge and sharing expertise

As an Operations leader, you’ll no longer need to scramble to train new hires in every possible operational scenario. And that knowledge and expertise remains forever archived and accessible, even after your most skilled and experienced field techs or support teams move on or retire.

Two-way communications between field technicians and experts are captured so referrals to past solutions are always at hand. Chat and video conversations are stored as searchable text, so all key details become part of your company’s ever-growing base of Operational knowledge.


Problem-solving expertise at your fingertips

The solution runs on the devices your field teams already use and trust. Whether that be smartphones, tablets, laptops, or wearable devices.

Imagine you are a Field Technician who has been called to a site only to realise that the issue you need to resolve is beyond your current level of training or experience. Simply pull out your device and launch Opsivity. The cloud-enabled app immediately links you to helpful and searchable problem-specific insights, and facilitates right-now visual collaboration with live Subject Matter Experts within your organisation.

The Smart Recommendation feature provides checklists, articles and prior questions based on your initial search. You can check to see if there are any existing procedures developed by your company and search the contextual knowledge base to see how similar issues have been handled in the past.

Take a photo of what you are seeing and draw annotations to highlight key areas. Depending on the type of question and your location, Opsivity can automatically connect you with a subject matter expert from within your organisation and the two of you can work through the problem via chat or video for real-time collaboration. Experts see exactly what you are seeing, can zoom-in on key areas, and even draw directly onto the live video to point out issues and focus-in on the solution.

Retain and share more knowledge within your organisation

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