October 14 2021: Harvest Technology Group Limited (ASX:HTG) a global leader in network optimised remote operations, today announced it has executed a formal reseller agreement with Speedcast, a leading communications and IT services provider, delivering critical communications services for remote customers in industries including energy, maritime, mining, and telecommunications.

As part of the agreement between the two companies, Harvest’s ultra-low bandwidth Network Optimised Livestreaming solutions will be integrated with Speedcast’s SmartView solution. Harvest’s ground-breaking Livestreaming solutions can securely stream high-definition, real-time voice, video, and data over ultra-low bandwidth from anywhere in the world, where connectivity is often constrained or absent.

“Our partnership with Harvest aligns with our vision to continually innovate for our customers’ success,” said Jeffrey Irwin, Vice President, Product Management at Speedcast. “Adding Harvest’s industry-leading, remote video streaming solutions to our portfolio enables remote sites to deliver real-time visibility back to decision-makers anywhere in the world, enhancing operational efficiencies, strengthening worker safety, and driving cost savings.”

The agreement between the two companies will extend Harvest’s sales capabilities on a global scale. Speedcast’s technology and applications portfolio currently has more than 3,200 customers in 140 countries, serving over 10,000 maritime vessels and more than 8,000 terrestrial sites.

The benefits for Speedcast customers using the Harvest solution include increased operational efficiencies from faster decision-making in the field, back at base, in the office or at home.

“Harvest’s Network Optimised Livestreaming solutions ensure necessary connectivity to maintain and repair equipment, monitor networks, and access remote systems from operations centres rather than deploying more people in field or on site,” said Paul Guilfoyle, Harvest Technology Group, Group Chief Executive Officer.

Employee safety is a priority for organisations with remote workforces. High-definition, real-time voice, video, and data delivered via Network Optimised Livestreaming solutions ensures employee safety, ranging from reducing the need for workers to be in high-risk environments, to always-on safety systems, and telehealth services for unexpected illness or injury management.

“Almost half of the globe still doesn’t have access to high-speed internet and more than 30% are without 4G coverage, so we are excited to work with Speedcast to enable their customers anywhere in the world to stay connected to operations and personnel while using a fraction of their existing bandwidth resources,” continued Guilfoyle. “The combination of our ultra-low bandwidth technology and Speedcast’s impressive network will bolster its global network platform providing fully connected systems that transform remote operations.”

About Speedcast
Speedcast is a leading communications and IT services provider, delivering critical communications services to the Maritime, Energy, Mining, Media, Telecom, Cruise, NGO, Government, and Enterprise sectors. The company leverages its global network platform to provide fully connected systems that harness technologies and applications to transform what remote operations can achieve. With the world’s most comprehensive network, Speedcast enables faster, seamless pole-to-pole coverage from a global hybrid satellite, fibre, cellular, microwave, MPLS, and IP transport network with direct access to public cloud platforms. The company integrates differentiated technology offerings that provide smarter ways to communicate and distribute content, manage network, and remote operations, protect and secure investments, and improve the crew and guest experience. With a passionate customer focus and a strong safety culture, Speedcast serves more than 3,200 customers in over 140 countries. Learn more at www.speedcast.com

About Harvest Technology Group
Harvest Technology Group Limited (ASX: HTG) is a global leader in network optimised remote operations that deliver real-time remote control, communication, automation and monitoring capabilities for the energy, resources, and renewables sectors. Based in Perth, Australia, the group of companies is revolutionising remote field services with ultra-low bandwidth Network Optimised Livestreaming solutions that enable customers to stay connected to operations and personnel anywhere in the world while utilising just a fraction of existing bandwidth resources.

To learn more please visit: https://harvest.technology