We’re thrilled to announce that Patrick Neise, has joined Harvest Technology Group as Chief Technology Officer.  

Patrick’s career started in the US Navy, completing two tours on nuclear submarines. In 2010, he made a career switch to the National Security Agency (NSA), joining an elite group of hackers called the ‘Red Team’ established to protect government agencies from cyber threats.

After a stint as a DevOps contractor for the Navy and security-related roles in the private sector, Patrick became the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chief of Engineering at RealWear.

Patrick is excited to join Harvest because of its unique connectivity technology and potential in new markets and industries. It is the ultimate role for the self-described ‘technology geek at the core’.

As Patrick looks to build Harvest’s technology roadmap, he has several initial goals. His first is to create a technology vision for the company. The second is to attract the right technology talent in an incredibly competitive market. Employees with the right skills are vital as Harvest moves into the cloud-native space and starts developing solutions for specific vertical markets.

As NSA Red Team Operations Officer turned CTO, Patrick is deeply curious about how things fit together, which he attributes to his early career training. “When you work on submarines, you learn ‘systems thinking,” explained Patrick. “It is essential to understand how all the different systems and technologies on the vessel work together, from electrical to chemical to mechanical. This is something I have applied in my career as a technology executive. It’s probably why you see a lot of former submariners in the software and cybersecurity engineering space.”

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