Harvest Nodestream Powerline UAV Survey

 is working with OmniDrone to enable live video streaming through lightweight commercial UAV’s from anywhere.

High voltage power line surveys by UAV were successfully completed using an Explorer 6075LX in conjunction with Inmarsat and Applied Satellite Technology Ltd. Our Infinity Nodestream application enabled high-resolution live video to be streamed back to the office at a bandwidth under 128kbps.

By interfacing our Nodestream application with our Infinity RemTeq™ system, we have also been successful in trialling full remote control of small UAV’s including streaming of high-quality video, from anywhere via either BGAN Explorer 710 or Explorer 6075LX terminals.

Pairing of these products enables complete secure, optimised communication and control across any network via a single point-to-point protocol from anywhere. UAV, ROV, USV, autonomous vehicle systems and wearables can be interfaced back-to-base for a multitude of video and communication use cases.


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